after the packaging show

Fragrant greetings from Zurich! This was a busy week so far and has seen me here and there. Here = computer and factory. There= packaging fair and exhibition. Now, that was sort of cool. You would not believe how many packaging machines there are and how cool they are. If we ever reach a sales level where thousands of bottle leave the factory on a weekly basis: Nothing easier than that.

The real challenge is actually a factory where you do things in low volume and a few pieces at a time. But the good news from this year’s fair for me was the many label printers. Things definitely change there. It becomes the longer the easier to print high quality labels, in colors, for a reasonable price, by oneself.  By mid 2013 at the latest the EU regulations for import of cosmetics into the European Community change and with these changes I  will change at the latest some information on my packaging labels. Some of the packaging labels will need customization for other markets, too and I look forward to partly print these myself in 2013.

Having said that: by the end of 2012 I will change part of the packaging anyhow and will need new labels for the changed packaging. Designing this new packaging, coming up with an optimized concept for a box that is less sensitive to dents and damages and easier to pack and store: This will be the task of the coming months, and this will keep me busy. The core decisions have been taken, though. We stick to metal, but change the form and shape. For this I met -together with my designer- with my Swiss metal box packaging supplier. I can’t wait to outline the details.

Another highlight at the packaging fair were a few high end cardboard exhibits. Simply amazing. But unfortunately: Out of my budget. I was particularly impressed by a company that presented cardboard boxes with magnetic lids , that were made for a Dubai hotel, for one chocolate piece, complimentary presented to their guests in their suites. Just wow.

Today’s picture shows you another wow moment: The sunset at the campsite where I stayed in Joshua Tree. And below is another picture. This guy looks nicer than he is: He has actually stolen a piece of a cucumber from my diner table.