what's up?

again and again

in the watercolor class yesterday: Tulips. Again. We “did” tulips last week, too. I did not mind. This week, the teacher came with three lessons, take home lessons and stuff to work on:

Using alternative tools to “nail” these tulips and getting around worrying about the details, kind of: Abstraction without losing the motif.

Doing an as close as possible to reality  pencil drawing with later watercolor coloration: Really getting into all the details and train your hand eye coordination. (I never use any transparent paper to copy objects. It feels too much like cheating, hence this exercise is more or less a daily exercise for me).

Do it again. And again. And again. And the last one will be alright. Hopefully.

Today’s picture is one of the tulip pencil drawings, colored afterwards.

So there we go. Again and again and again.

I thought “again and again” also today, when sending the Tauer Perfumes newsletter out, telling folks that rose flash is back again, not here though, but there on tauerville. Again and again, because I learn on a daily basis that one needs to be out there on a daily basis. You need to say it again and again and again that product/service xyz is here and that folks can buy it. Think home order TV.  Again and again and again, be it on facebook, twitter or newsletter or blog posts or youtube or whatever.

There is a lot of noise out there: To be heard you have to shout super loud, or be there all the time. Anyhow; I am not such a great market crier. It often troubles me to post a feature about a product. I love to share what others say, but I hardly ever make a post where I say “this scent  has become as classic, it is super, it is cheap, whatever… ”

But then: The longer I am here and there, the more I realize… Hey: You need to. Shout it out, again and again: The best out there!

But somehow, it feels wrong. So I just hope for many reviews that I can share. Sort of.