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almond blooming

Before I talk on what I do today and tomorrow: THANK YOU! For your great support of the Kickstarter campaign for our film project ONLY CHILD. Now are the last days if you want to make sure to get your hands on my fragrance DARK PASSAGE  that is only available through this campaign, and only for these last three days left. And , by the way, you can always upgrade your existing pledge.

And me, I am back from Paris, and head south for Milan for a day tomorrow.  This time, in anticipation of Esxence, I am doing a donkey transport across the alps south and the donkey is me and transports the super nice and shiny and all so elegant Tableau de Parfums display for the shop in Milan. I think I mentioned this in one of my posts a while ago. I want the perfumery Profumo at via Brera  6 to have it installed when the Esxence starts and a lot of perfumery owners and perfume lovers are in the town.

Below you see the first draft that I made to communicate my idea. Basically, it is a frame, holding an LCD display, with a little table holding a perfume flacon. Today I picked them up, and soon a little fortune will be gone from my bank account. I do not really know whether this display will make sense from a pure commercial point of view. But it makes from an artistic point of view. I allows us to communicate and talk, with little movies, what Miriam, what Tableau de Parfums and what Evelyn Avenue is all about. And we can introduce the fragrance.

Tomorrow, or rather the day after tomorrow I hope to be able to share a picture of the display installed and “running”.

Today’s picture on the left shows you a picture reminding me of the south. An almond tree in bloom. Seen in the Zurich area, yesterday, blooming under an immaculate blue sky. Wonderful!