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American walnut and other design decisions

In case you have not done it: leave a comment in YESTERDAY’s post (click here) to make sure to take your chance in the draw for a Carillon pour un ange. Today, we go back to normal and discuss a design detail that I forgot yesterday while cheating with Photoshop.

First, it is amazing how nicely you can bend reality using pictures and photoshop. What I forgot yesterday: The cover top.

The HOMAGES line of fragrances (Carillon pour un ange, une rose chyprée and the rose vermeille) get a new top. I mentioned it once here on the blog. The black top that you know is made from beech wood. The new cover top for the HOMAGES I wanted to be different.

The glass pearls inside the 30 ml flacon are a little bit like gravel or sand on a beach. Thus, I and the designer from the Designers Club (or the other way round) in Zurich figured we continue in this association. The cover top should look  like driftwood. You can see the texture of the wood and it feels like it has been worked hard by the elements. To get this effect, we picked American walnut wood. Then we get it brushed real hard by hand, to bring the texture out. Then we get it lacquered to protect the wood, without any added color.

From now on, we send all HOMAGES flacons out with such a wooden top. A detail, but it adds to the exclusivity of the line and helps underlining what the homages scents are all about.

The picture to the left shows you the top cover on the Carillon pour un ange flacon.