what's up?

among other things ahead, spring

Hurray: Another sunny, spring like day seems to be ahead of us. Wonderful. Today, when I got up, the moon was still shining, but it was doing so under an immaculate dark sky. I got up early today, like: really early, driven out of bed by a clear vision of a full email box, and a factory waiting for me. And pieces of paper. But here’s the good news, besides printout paper from excel and word and you name it: There is 100%cotton aquarell paper waiting for me, too.

Today’s picture shows you a scan of such a postcard sized cotton paper, a black and white aquarell, done with a water soluble graphite pencil. Love this technique. And yes, I got a set of colorful water soluble pencils the other day that kickstarted me there.

Yesterday, already, was a beautiful day: Jogging in the sun, painting in the sun, and musing about the future in the sun is definitively a brighter experience than planning the next steps under a grey sky. There is change in the air and it feels great. Change of light, temperatures, colors, smell.

The next steps: I will talk a bit more this week about taking pictures, fotos, of flacons. A task that is not easy, really.

I will mention Eau d’épices, for sure. And the rest, we will see.

I wish you a lovely day, and hope to see you here soon again, under the the sun.