general thoughts

an apple a day

The holidays are over and we are going back to normal which is actually easier than one might think. I do not know about you, but I cannot handle too many festive days in a row. I get all slack and honestly: I can’t handle too much food, too. Thus: Welcome back normal! Over the holidays, when not in the kitchen cooking or in the dining room eating, I was working on a couple of perfume ideas and doing some painting exercises. Like working wet in wet in oil. The result: Today’s picture. I haven’t worked in oil for almost a year and it was interesting getting back there. I learned a lot using other techniques and realized (again) that sometimes it really helps staying away for a while. The same thing is true in perfumery

Perfume work: Well… this needs a couple of more trials. But I am getting there. I am revisiting a couple of trials and ideas that ended up unfinished in my excel. I sort of rediscovered them after having them sit there for a year or more. Sometimes, yes, sometimes doing nothing and just waiting does the trick.

Today, I’ll start moving some of my stuff into the new room (painting stuff): I am using part of the room to store perfume packing material. This I already moved up there Dec. 23rd. I will need to get a couple of things like a table and a chair, too. I think this is all super exciting.

In a certain way, the table and chair will be my holiday gift from self to self. Otherwise, I did not give myself anything. This is perfectly fine. I have everything that I need.