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and we see that we don't see much

Again, a super small picture that does not really tells much: This time a panoramic view of parts of the “factory. And we sort of see that we do not see a lot.

I get this question a lot, usually with a “I know it might be too much” : ” I would love to get a tour and and in depth insight and and and.. in your factory.”

And yes, this is way too much. The other day, I had a guy calling, wishing to visit the company address that is public. “This part of the company is the office in my house”, I told him. “No visits, no shop, no factory, no nothing. Please apologize.” And yeah: 30 minutes later he tried his luck.

You know, that’s one of the funny discrepancies, coming back to my last post about many things, including bloggers. When you run a company like me, you  need to undress and stand completely naked in the internet: Address, telephone, commercial registry numbers, etc. allowing others to check pretty much everything.

Some bloggers and writers do not even have a real name published. Others hide behind books on facebook, not disclosing for whom they are working and where their dollars come from. Others have multiple identities and hence, you have no idea who’s talking.

Take home message: On the internet you sometimes do not know.

Does it matter? Not really, but it does if you are getting stalked or followed by somebody who does not feel limits or if you get on the radar of bullies.

It happened to me a couple of times. I learned my lessons.

So… here’s a panoramic picture from the factory, totally small. But I tried to upload the larger version. You should be able to see it following this link.

And what do we see: Not much. Well, there is quite some stock of TUB and 02. (Actually, there’s also PHI, but you do not see it here) And it is densely packed, the room, with boxes and more. This is normal. It is September.