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another picture, and another mentioning of the aldehydic rose

Before I start today’s post: Today is your last chance to enter the draw. If you have not commented on the draw post: Do it following this link (not on this post here, and not in facebook) now.In a few hours the draw will be closed.

Here’s another orchid picture for you. No tulips today as it is raining and I do not like to take picture in the rain. It is enough butch spirit to ride the bike in the rain to the tauerville’s factory. I will spend most of my time there, filling Rêverie au jardin bottles and making orders ready for shipment. This is what I did the last few days and this is what I will continue doing until next week when I will say bye for a while. Thus, I sit in the factory , and pour juice into bottles and put labels on and polish them and put them into boxes and the boxes into larger boxes.  And if I am getting bored, I sniff some perfume.  Experiment things that I have cooking in the lab. Like my “aldehydic rose” that I love so much and that needs a name.

During my week in the desert I will think about what to do in the next future with some of my experimental fragrances that I consider finished or close to finished. I need some sort of a master plan there. Thus, high hopes that the high desert will provide ideas and inspiration. For sure it will provide pictures to take home with me, on the pad and on the camera’s SD card.

Today’s picture: I took the picture over the weekend, in the living room, using my Nikon, slightly overexposing the orchid flower against the sky as background. Later I changed to black and white and added some contrast in photoshop.