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another picture from Rome

This is the last picture for a moment from Rome. It shows you the sun sending a beam of light into St. Peter, in the morning. A little natural spotlight.

St. Peter is amazing, but unfortunately you need to queue for it these days, for security reasons. All visitors need to pass a detector and need to get their bags screened.  30 years ago, when visiting Rome for the first time, you would just hop in and out of St. Peter. It is these moments when you realize that the world has changed for good. But the light inside St. Peter is still amazing and will not change for the next few hundred years. This is wonderful.

Maybe it is one big difference that matters: Creating perfumes needs raw materials that change over time. Every new copy (batch) needs new raw materials. A sculpture needs a stone that won’t change over centuries once you created your piece of art. I guess perfumes are not made for eternity. Sculpture neither, but they last a bit longer.

I will be off this blog for a day or two, visiting London (again) and if all goes well I will be back over the weekend.  And then, next week, we will go into heavy production and talking mode again. Until then: Cheers!