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another rose painted

Here comes another rose related post, and another rose picture. But today I share a quick sketch I did this morning, in 15 minutes, behind the Xintiq, a digital drawing tablet from Wacom that I have fallen in love with a while ago. I could not spend more than a few minutes on the sketch, as I have a very busy schedule ahead.

The drawing is basically a few sharp lines and a few water color brushes.  And it is a quick look at the yellow roses again. They still do not smell, but their color  is just stunning.

Rose illustration: a detail.

One of the things that I plan to get done today: Filling MIRIAM in to bottles and start labeling them. For that I filter the fragrance right now. It is one of the more delicate fragrances to filter, with fine precipitate forming during maturation. But being careful and taking time, I usually manage to get it clear. The worst fragrance -when it comes to precipitation forming- is the ZETA- a linden blossom theme- due to the CO2 extracts used. There, I am always stuck with the finest precipitation imaginable. Although it is hard to see, when you let the bottles sit, the fine precipitation sort of conglomerates  and looks like more than it actually is.

Anyhow: In the mean time I got used to the ZETA challenge and consider the fine precipitate as a quality sign.

Another reason why talking about Miriam and showing you another rose makes perfect sense: In a sense, Miriam is also a rose fragrance. Powdery, heady, aldehydic, woody, green, with a lot of roses. Very thirties, forties I guess.

I guess I love my roses.

Another agenda point today: Answering emails and facebook queries.

And yet another agenda point: Starting to recalculate a formula that I have come with (yes, another rose scent), and upscaling the formula and taking it apart and double checking again with IFRA standards. Just to be on the safe side.

And then, once I have done the calculations, I will need to start ordering what’s inside. For 2013.

And then I have to start thinking about a name, but this I will do tomorrow, (and share here on the blog), as I forgot another agenda point: trying to stay fix and come up with an adequate work life balance. This translates into sweating in a gym.

That’s the plan at least. Let’s see where we get there. I wish you a rosy day.