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anthropology, wasteland : must be the moon

I am not really a guy who dances around oak trees under the moon celebrating Donar or alike. I am a pretty much down to earth guy. Still, there are from time to time a few things happening that make me wonder, oddities, miracles. You name it.

Oddities like the fact that adding a lot of wonderful fragrant raw materials into a bottle leads to something that smells of little. A scent can be less than the sum of all fragrant ingredients. Why? Only Donar knows.

Or miracles like the fact that a fragrance can be more than its ingredients. Wow. How miraculous is that when it happens?  Happy me, it happens from time to time. Less frequently than the above mentioned annihilation , but still often enough to smile from time to time.

Or wonders like days where everybody that reaches out to me, asks for samples: be it by facebook messages, long and epically describing all the connections to groups and basenotes and blogs  and shops and communities, and ending with a request for free samples. Be it by real letters, again, long and complicated or short and easy, ending with the request for samples, or the more basic email request that is super easy to just click away. What a waste of energy. Yesterday, I got 5 of all kind of queries for samples that are not annoying anymore since I do not really reply, with a few exceptions, but I look at them more as a teaching lesson in anthropology. And Donar tells me: Must be the moon. Seriously.

Today’s picture shows you a quick look into the cupboard where I store the 2 ml spray samples for all scents, hand filled and labeled by hand, with lot numbers for tracking, sitting there in the dark, waiting to grow up and become happy samples in a discovery set or hanging in there on a single sample sticker.