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At Evelyn Avenue, a picturesque insight

Over there on Evelyn Avenue, Brian Pera published an illustration of mine and my description of where and why I did it. Here is the link directly to the blog post: “Andy Tauer’s sketchbook. The Gelati cart”.

I hope you find the time reading it. This is the first column of a monthly series on Evelyn Avenue, where I will make an appearance, once a month, and talk about a particular illustration. The goal is to talk about a creative process, about an intimate moment, a moment of truth that lets the reader glimpse into the mind of a creator of things. Things being perfumes and illustrations. I hope that we will have many readers there; my English is not 100% correct and a bit off sometimes, but what I talk about is important to me.

By talking about a particular creation, you rediscover it a bit, and reflecting about circumstances, the mood and the why and when and what tells me quite a lot. Also about the world around the creation.

And furthermore, I hope that I could convince you to leave this blog now and switch over to Evelyn Avenue because I am a bit on the run the next two days. Last minute preparations before I am closing Tauer Perfumes for two weeks, heading for a creative break, with (hopefully) lots of time to draw.

And I hope that you will enjoy the Gelati cart illustration (on Evelyn Avenue you have in high res, just click on the picture there….). Have a great day!