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at tauerville wrapping joy

Today’s picture shows you the result of a few hours wrapping trials and training myself on the new manual wrapping tool: The box at the bottom part is not wrapped, but put into a little polypropylene bag. This bag comes with each box and so far we used these bags to ship our perfumes.

They prevent dust and finger prints, sort of. But some of my retailers demanded a complete sealing and wrapping that is more “industry standard”: Cellophane wrapping. The boxes in the upper part of the picture show you the last boxes that I did yesterday, after training myself. They are ok, but quite there yet where I want to get to. I might have to adjust the temperature a bit. The instrument is basically just helping to cut the cellophane that comes off a roll, and it provides a sealing heated plate that allows to seal the manually folded cellophane. Thus, temperature is important. And so is the perfect folding…

My packing is not 100 perfectly suited for wrapping, I have to admit, and I knew this beforehand. The blue cardboard sleeve helps, though. Otherwise, a wrapping of the metal box alone would be virtually impossible, for sure with cellophane. And shrink wrapping does not really look nice.

So, yes, I am sort of happy that the wrapping works. It’s just, well, how shall I say: Another step more, in an overlong series of iterations from getting the raw materials to the final product in a shelf. But then, in the end, I want to present my creations to the world. And that’s the price to pay. I guess that’s ok.

At the end of the day, on the other hand, looking at things from the other side of the table, there will be a price tag for me wrapping.

But I guess that’s ok, too.