autumn treats

It is autumn. Not my favorite season, really, but with some treats. Like colored leaves. Great sunsets. The light (if there is light) being different and bringing out the colors in a different way, compared to summer’s bright sun. The sun is gentler, but the colors are more intense, it seems.

Autumn, usually, for reasons that are unclear to me, is the season where I create most perfumes. At least I did so in the past. November is the the creation highlight season in the house of tauer. I mentioned it the other day: These days vanilla is somewhere up there. Like tuberose, rose, sandalwood, … vanilla is not easy, as everybody has his and her opinion on vanilla. Actually, nothing is easy. Except maybe if you do an extraterrestrial flower perfume, where nobody has an opinion yet. Like ” yellow spotted Venus firedrake flower”.  The yellow spotted one smells of course! very different to the red spotted flower. It is more mellow and its scent comes with a red smokey undertone as you would expect it for a firedrake flower, but it is less birchtar like and a bit more on the leathery side.

So, yes: we all have our expectations. Me included. And me thinks: It is important to leave this common ground, from time to time, at least trying to make one step aside. For a creator, this is not easy, I feel, (the same is true for the perfume lover: We all wish novelties, but sometimes novelties need time to be accepted, because they are… different). From the creator’s point of view: It is the trap of doing what you know how to do it. Somehow, you need to break the routine, and force yourself to look at things differently.

When painting, there are a couple of tricks. For instance: Change the tools. I tried to do a “autumn forest in the mist” picture yesterday, using a spatula only to apply the water color. It was a test, and I used cheap paper (good paper IS expensive), and tried to apply a new technique to paint trees and branches. I failed, and washed off most of the color, using a lot of water, and a gigantic brush. The result is today’s picture. Overall, it took me five minutes. The result is actually very interesting and demands for a repetition, on better paper.

Translating this to perfumery can mean a couple of things. Like for instance using new material that you are not familiar with. Or using a technique that you have not used before, like overdosing a particular molecule that you never overdosed. And let yourself go, float freely, and be open for what you get. I was approaching vanilla (as a potential flash scent) as a theme more or less this way.

The result? Let’s put it this way: Interesting. Really interesting. To be honest: Me don’t understand, yet.  Thus, I continue trying to understand. And while doing so, I continue worrying about Rose flash shipping in the US. A story developing.

Have a great week!