creating scents


Over the weekend I did a lot of things, most of them not perfume related, such as making some pesto, with basil grown on our balcony, stored in the freezer now, to enjoy the summer sun later this year.  Today’s picture shows you some leaves before they were scrunched together with olive oil, some Parmesan cheese, pine seeds, garlic and salt.

Other highlights were jogging in pouring rain, with some grey clouds over me, and thinking about the financial crisis while doing so and coming up with the conclusion that today’s financial crises (II), or the dept crisis,  is actually also a deep crisis of the world`s economic and political leaders and leadership and hence we are in for changes, whether we like it or not. The brew cooking these days is the juice revolutions are made of.

On a brighter side, I found time to work on my excel and come up with perfume formulas; working on a  Tauer hyacinth base, a green floral mixture that can be used later to bring in a hyacinth note;  not a super green as basil, and not as campherous, almost minty as the crunched basil leaves, but a bit spicy.  Fun! and finally me playing with molecules again. Talking molecules: In case you did not read it yet, please visit Giovanni Sammarco’s Fragrance Scout blog (click here) and read the interview with me there, on Pentachords, on synthetic molecules, and a few thoughts on boredome in perfumery.  Enjoy!