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On Friday, I diluted the next batch of the fragrance ZETA – a linden blossom theme-, and put a few drops onto my skin, after pouring the 20 liters into 2 aluminum cans. Just to test the scent and because I have not worn ZETA for a quite a while, almost forgot about  it. I told this the journalist the other day, too. Once a scent is finished and bottled and on the shelves it becomes a thing of the past and I kind of forget about it.

Thus, last Friday, I sort of discovered the linden blossom theme a little bit again. OK: I am totally biased, but I loved it. And I sort of figured out that the linden blossom extract that I use in the ZETA fragrance might be a good starting point for a room spray. Or a splash. Ha! Another idea.

But not a candle. Although I smell Tilleuls au vent by L’artisan parfumeur right now. I bought the little 35 gr version of this linden blossom scented candle because I liked its scent a lot, and have it sit on my office table. But I did not light it so far. I just enjoy smelling it the way it is, unburnt. Actually, after yesterday’s sudden, unexpected, frantic cleaning attack it is one of the very few things that sit on my office desk. I removed of most trials and papers and books and have room for new things again. At some point, while planing my departure tomorrow, I realized that I do not want to come back in a week from now to this desk. Thus, I am proud owner of an empty desk for a few days.

This is probably the last post for a while, as I leave Zurich tomorrow and as I am rather busy until then. One of the activities: Collecting Bear’s Garlic in the woods.

The result of this activity you see here: Bear’s Garlic pesto for ten spaghetti dinners. Hmmmm. A lovely Sunday to you all. (and the picture to the left shows you the bear’s garlic as it grows in the woods these days)