what's up?

being busy here

Good morning from Zurich on this bright Sunday after a busy week under a blue sky. The sun was basically shining every day, full power, since I got back from the US, every day it got a bit warmer, and hence I did my mails on the balcony, often and happily. There, blinking into the evening sun, I realized again that my roots are in Africa, like all human beings’ roots: We are born, as species, in the Savannah, learned to walk in the high grass of bush land, and happily gathered food under a warm sun. For sure, we humans did not evolve in Switzerland, where you need a good portion of patience and warm clothes in winter.

So, yes, I am not made for winter, and every year in spring, blinking into the sun, I realize again how much I missed the light and warmth.

Maybe that’s why most of my scents aren’t refreshing really, but come with warmth and a cozy factor.

Having said that, referring back to an earlier post or two about Calone and its intrinsic freshness: I smelled my “aqua fidelis” trials (that’s the trials with tons of Calone in it, fresh, bright, aquatic and … well. Calone dominated) this morning and do not know where I am heading there. Maybe I should stick to vanilla and patchouli.

Anyhow: It was a busy week last week, with few posts here, but tons of stuff happening over there on facebook;  but there was time to work on another self portrait in oil, using a selfie of me, blinking into the sun, as model. Today’s picture going with this post shows you what I was doing there. I like it; there is a good portion of scepticism in there, and I think this is perfectly ok.