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black and white

Today, I share another picture of last week’s tulips: the flowers opened up and I made pictures of them on Saturday in the afternoon sun. This time, I show you a tulip in black and white. Quite amazing how different the same flower look: It is the same structures, the same shapes, but the missing color lets us focus on them differently.

If I look at the picture, I feel that the missing color adds depth to it, and adds questions.

In a sense, this is the effect I aim at with the collectibles. We will not describe the fragrance with notes or ingredients (other than the EU law allergens). I discussed this long time with my designers from the Designer Club. The fragrances in the COLLECTIBLES line (the first launch is the Linden blossom theme in April/May 2011) are limited and subject to change over years of production. The are “out of the lab”, consequent, without compromises, expensive, modest, and will not use any pictures or body parts to advertise.

Thus, we discussed for a while how to give a hint nevertheless, a few words that code it if you so want. After a while I decided that I will make a HAIKU for this fragrance, as good as I can.  As I will make a manual stamper, in order to stamp the labels on the packaging and the samples information, this initial haiku might easily be changed to another one.

For instance a haiku that I select from a competition, once the fragrance is out and folks can sniff it. This is important, as a haiku needs the moment of experience.

But for the launch we will use the haiku that I sent to the designer yesterday:

Linden shade in June-
sweet rose petals and the light
of Syracusa.