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bloom in November

Today’s watercolor illustration shows you a tuberose that is blooming these days in Zurich, outside, on the veranda. I painted it on Saturday in the factory, after having finished my job in there. Of course, I did not take the flower there, but rather used a picture that I took with the phone.

The real tuberose can still be outside as it was a spectacular autumn so far. Soon, it might have to go inside, together with the lemon tree and the jasmine bush. It’s scent: Amazing, nice, sweet, powdery, musky, creamy, fruity,  bright  and with an indolic touch. And much more: No words. But so inspiring.

The job in the factory on Saturday: Shooting pictures of the PHI-une rose de Kandahar flacon. The job on Sunday: Getting it polished with a little photoshop help.

So that’s done, but there is one aspect that I might change today through photoshop. The label; there’s too much grate showing through. I think I will change it by morphing the reality with illustrator generated pictures of the label. You know: Close to no flacon we see these days, printed or online is “real”. The same is true for pictures of models, stars, cars, food, watches, animals. It is all worked up and nicer, cuddlier, more brilliant, more yummy than reality. Since I optimize pictures I do not believe any picture anymore. There is no picture that you could not create.