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Those of you in love with the Fifth Element know “Boom. Big bada boom”. Here is a short little video on youtube of this great scene from a great movie.

boom. big bada boom on youtube

“Today’s picture shows you my way of “preventing boom”. Thus,  a short technical post ahead: Diluting Lonestar Memories! I did so a moment ago, right before leaving . 23 liters of smoky leather. On the pictures you can see the 25 liter ethanol can as I get it delivered. The pouring and dilution all happens in an area with tiled floor. In the left corner there is a pencil to make notes, like lot numbers and stuff. On the right lower corner you see a metal funnel. It is important to use metal, in order to limit build up of charge. Furthermore, you see a metal wire attached to the funnel. This wire grounds the funnel and by contact with the funnel, the large cans are also grounded: The goal is to reduce the danger of sparks due to charge building up when pouring ethanol or perfume. Perfume is actually tricky to pour in larger quantities as it easily builds up charge when pouring due to the polar nature of some ingredients. One spark is enough for a big bada boom.

Thus, a few more safety measures: It all happens in a well aerated room. Besides a door that is open for aeration reasons, there are two additional emergency escape ways in two different directions. And there is a fire extinguisher near by, and a fire blanket.

But so far nothing ever happened. And I hope that it will stay like that for the rest of my perfume life.