bringing the past back

Good morning to you! As much as we might sometimes wish, we can’t bring the past back, but have no alternative than to move forward towards the horizon with unknown land behind the hill. But from time to time, we should nevertheless look back and take with us what was good in the past.

I put the soaps online, and you can buy them now in the online shop. Click here for details.

Today’s pictures shows you the other side of my two perfumed glycerine soaps: Fabrikat.

Fabrikat is a store in the middle of Zurich, run by my design guru, (click here to get an idea what the store looks like). They have a focus there, in the store, bringing back things, goods, that are handmade, made with old machinery, craftsman pieces, like scissors, produced by one of the oldest scissors factory in Great Britain. I bought one of these: Heavy, made of steel that you do not get anymore these days, and made to last. Scissors for eternity.

They also have goods from the US. Click here to see a page with the products from the US.  I like the idea of it all.

We live in a world where the shrinking middle class and the bottom seeking lower class has not realized how bad things are because they can still shop their cheap stuff at Walmart and alike. A big flat TV for 300$? Sure, no problem. It will last for a year or two and will be replaced by another one, bought again on credit, coming without story, without soul. In the end it is a decision we all make, daily.

Back to the soaps: They are not cheap. I visited the factory in Switzerland where they are hand made. This comes with a price tag. But I think they come with a story which is nice. Although, to be honest: They are not made to last but are made to be used.