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bunch of flowers

today’s picture shows you a bunch of summer flowers, scanned and slightly “photoshopped” over the weekend. This week will bring a bunch of things to get done, most of them preparatory work for the upcoming Piti Fragranze in Florence. This fragrance exhibition and show will take place September 14-16 and like every year you will find Tauer Perfumes there, at the exhibition stand of Profumimport, my Italian importer and partner. In case you have not heard or visited: Piti is big. Like really big. It is probably the nicest and biggest niche perfumery show, only comparable to Esxence in Milan, taking place every spring.

Piti is a show case of niche brands, artisanal artistic brands and other players in the field. But it is also a sales event where you dress up, polish your smile and present the latest products that you have to an interested crowd of retailers (perfumeries) buying new products for the upcoming holiday season. Thus, my partner Profumimport and me get ready to dress up the stand, make nice logo prints on foil to stick to the plexiglass wall hanging from the ceiling, brochures and info leaflets,  and of course product: Bottles, purse sprays, sample vials. This is what I will do this week. Samples. A lot of them. And some bottles. The focus is of course on LORETTA and MIRIAM from Tableau de Parfums. It is the first time that I will present Loretta to the world. And I can’t wait.

Loretta is so sensual and mysterious. It will rock, I know that. Thus, I will make a lot, lot,  lot of samples …..More on Loretta and the bunch of flowers that you find in it and why: in the coming days. Have a great start into your week!