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I am a bit behind my boxing and packing schedule. Although I have piled up boxes everywhere around me: I need to speed up and work longer to finish the open orders until next week, to get them shipped out next week. Thus, my happy creative afternoon will be replaced by bottling and boxing. And so might the hiking over the weekend.  We will compensate.

And I can still think about equally important things. Like window decoration. The shop in Zurich selling my perfumes, Medieval art&vie, will do a Tauer window (a partial window) and I will bring some spices for the EAU D’ÉPICES, and posters. I got one made for the UNE ROSE VERMEILLE, featuring a few rose buds, on a dark background, printed 30x 90 cm, on LINEN, and clamped on a frame like a painted picture.

Although the roses are a simple scan the poster (the part where the roses are) looks amazing. The fine texture of the linen shines through and gives the picture something extra. Anyhow: When I saw the poster, I thought in getting more posters done like that. Simple pictures like autumn leaves or gravel or the sky might look great on 100x150cm printed on canvas. I will definitely revisit this idea.

And I will continue thinking on the COLLECTABLES. A line within Tauer that my designer and me build these coming weeks, for later in spring 2011. I realized that the brand’s design (bottles, boxes, samples, …) does not allow me to do experimental, special, top of the top perfumes using rare and hard to get materials, and exciting perfumes where I might go a bit over the top,  and limited perfumes. Limited in the sense of: I cannot guarantee that a perfume is made to last. Like the eau de cologne that I am making for X-mas. I do not have a concept to fill such a give-away scent into my nice blue flacons. Or the Linden blossom perfume I am working on (and as is Mandy Aftel on her side). As some of the raw materials (for example the linden blossom) is hard to get and show some variations depending on the year of harvest, I wished to have a line where I can present such a perfume, making for instance a batch of 1000 pieces for 2010, and when they are gone, they are gone, and we make a next batch 2011… In this sense: collectables.

We work on the concept since a while, of course keeping the 5-angle flacon and the box, but using a different labeling concept. A labeling that uses less expensive stickers that I do not need to order in batches of thousands…

And the flacon will be dark brown. That’s the plan today.

Today’s picture: A few leaves, seen the other day in the woods. Enjoy!