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Cologne Du Maghreb


Cologne du Maghreb is here (back). You can get full size bottles here and the miniature you find here. And here are the details about shipping restrictions.  Finally. The last few months were so busy and a rollercoaster ride with our logistics and sourcing of raw materials. So it took longer than expected and we have less flacons filled with Cologne Du Maghreb than we wished. But I can make more by mid June….

Sourcing raw materials these days got tricky.

The scent: a re-release of my cologne from 2015, slightly different, a bit more concentrated, and 100% all botanical, all natural and a true cologne.


Here’s what I say on the website about it: “This cologne is crafted in the very traditional way of cologne making: it is rich in citrus oils and builds on contrasting notes of lavender, clary sage and rosemary.
The COLOGNE DU MAGHREB, however, adds a Moroccan twist with vibrant cedar wood from the High Atlas, dark vetiver from Java, erotic orange blossom absolute and exotic labdanum, in balance with Moroccan rose absolute and Bulgarian rose oil.”

For those of you interested in details: here is the complete list of what goes inside:

Mandarine, red
Ambrein (cistus l.)
Atlas cedarwood
Vetiver, Java
Orange blossom
Clary Sage
Geranium, Bourbon
Rose absolute
Rose oil
Litsea Cubea
Grapefruit, White

Shipping restrictions: Miniatures ship to: US, Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria.
Full size bottles ship to: US, Switzerland, France, Austria.