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columbines in bloom and launches

Here in Zurich, we are enjoying summer temperatures and winds from the south that rush over the mountains to speed up spring in the plane. Thus, the columbines that I have in my “garden” and came without me doing anything are in full bloom. So are the tulips and the lilac and the air is filled with spring’s fragrant delights.  A multitude of perfumes is in the air. One more beautiful than the other. The same is true when it comes to the so called niche perfume market.

At least as far as multitude is concerned.  Too many launches. Entire lines or new brands starting with 10 or more fragrances. I stopped using the term niche for my fragrances a while ago, as I feel sort of disconnected the longer the more with what is usually called niche. I discussed with many friends and business partners. It is too much these days. And the niche industry is putting itself in a risky position of actually destroying its market by overwhelming/boring/exhausting its clients with pseudo conceptional fragrant niche stories.

In a sense, we might talk of  an irrational exuberance here, heated and nourished by some, not made to last because it is unsustainable. It is like a market in bubble mode.

I personally feel that the signs are on the wall and on some of the blogs already. To be frank: It does not bother me too much. But if you put yourself in the shoes of a perfumery then it is different. This and a few other things were on my mind when making the sketch of a columbine blooming in my garden. This time with a different app, not brushes for ipad, but sketchbook pro. Quite a nice app, too. I wish you a lovely weekend.