making of

combat zone

I could not resist: a flacon picture again. I took it yesterday, while pouring Eau d’épices into 214 flacons in my studio. Outside it was all rainy and grey, but the grey daylight was transformed into a golden beam, shining onto the flacons in quite a spectacular way. The only arrangement I had to do: Put the flacon in a way that allows reading the brand logo. Otherwise: No nothing and no photoshop (except for size reduction).

Today, I need to finish putting the o-ring on the naked necks and then we engage in pouring Rose chypree into the new flacon. While doing so: more time to fall into deep bottle pouring stasis and think about new scents, like COMBAT ZONE, SEX IN GRAUBÜNDEN, and other funny ideas that come up during the day or in the comments section on this blog. Actually, quite often the comments are more thrilling then the post. On combat zone: see yesterday’s comments; you know that there IS a Swiss army scent on the market? Yes, there is; actually, there are a few…..

Before I fall into stasis: Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Enjoy!