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confirmations and labels

there we go again: A quick pictures of what sits next to the keyboard and is soon on its way to the factory: Labels. The Mandarines ambrées soap lot labels, and Dark Passage lot labels and the labels that go onto the Dark Passage purse spray.  (Dark Passage is the fragrance that I made for the kickstarter campaign, supporting Only Child, the newest movie by Brian Pera, and it is/was only available through kickstarter (click here to learn more ). Thus, today is another soap day and a purse spray filling day. Yes! I am very much looking forward to this. I love this fragrance. One reason might be that it is brand new and sort of limited and I have never really immersed deeply. This morning, I have, while filtering the brown reddish juice.

What you also can see on today’s picture: A confirmation e-mail. I got my flight to Helsinki, for mid August. I got the last ticket that was available for a good price. August 17, in the evening, I will meet and greet perfume lovers of the area and I am very, very much looking forward to this perfume centered gathering. I will talk a bit about my scents and I will learn a bit about Finland, perfume lovers there and maybe some differences how perfumes are appreciated up north. I am curious. I think I was never up there, in Finland, and look very much forward to it.

I wish you a lovely day.