marketing and branding


So I was in Bologna and have seen the station, the way to the COSMOPROF exhibition area by taxi and the face of the guy in front of me, from a 5 cm distance, on the way back to the station, using public transport.

Thus, I cannot really tell you how Bologna is, but I can tell you that the guy facing me in the bus and the thousands of guys and girls at COSMOPROF all look ed so beautiful and must have invested hours. For me, cosmoprof translates into shock and ohhhh!. Shock because -being a niche in a niche in a niche producer of fragrances- you realize how large the world is and how many brands there are that you have never heard of.

And OH! because you find super machines there, doing it all for you. Thus, there is hope for tauer ville: If need is, we can fill our soon rented rooms with doing-it-all-for-you machines!

And OH! because you come around a lot of flacons and ideas of what else to do in tauer ville and beyond. But this “else” is another story that is developing soon here and there.

Thus, I came home, standing in the train, because the train ticket was printed for the wrong date, and I had  no seat, with a catalog or two, and the urge to fill those green collectible flacons, get the reddish Carillon bottles out and make room for new exciting projects.

If all goes well, I will start filling the green collectibles bottles this week. There we go!