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creations that are unique or : we, the few

You wonder why my fragrances are different?

Here’s an answer. I had the change to chat with Sarah, from Men’s Biz, our exclusive retail partner in Australia about this and that. You can read the full interview here “A moment with: Andy Tauer – MEN’S BIZ (”

Here’s a teaser, me answering the question: What makes your practice unique?”
(…) It is also safe to say that these days there are not many left like me and my brand. We, the few, try to make a difference by being completely independent; of bank money, market constraints, distribution chains that can be destructive with their demands for products and margin. We say more NO than YES to stores that want to sell our brands because we do not aim to grow too fast, too big, and not everywhere. But by doing so we can offer products, creations, that are unique, special, speaking to perfume lovers in search of an authentic product; our product speaks to them by the way it smells, by the way it was produced and by the way it found them.