Give aways and goodies

Day 12 of the advent calendar, and a minimalist x-mas tree

This draw is closed. Please visit  EAUMG for the draw Dec. 13. Thank you and good luck!

It is day 12 of my advent calendar: you can win a discovery set today, Dec. 12. Your choice of 5 samples, shipped to you in a little tin box. Just leave a comment here to enter the draw for Dec. 12.

And, as we are flexible, we are cheating a little bit about the Dec. 13 draw. December 13 brings you the chance to win another explorer set, 3x 15 ml, your choice again. To enter the Dec. 13 draw:

Please visit Victoria’s EAUMG blog. The draw starts during Dec. 12 and runs until Dec. 14. Victoria was so nice and flexible to open the draw a bit earlier: This, in order to make sure that everybody gets a chance, although it is a weekend. My thanks go to Victoria! Here’s the link for the Dec. 13 Explorer Set draw. Good luck, and sorry for cheating a bit ….

Today’s picture shows you a minimalist x-mas tree. I like it that way. Our x-mas tree will – like every year- be super minimalist. Actually, it is not really a tree, but just a “symbol”, kind of a metal spiral, holding some candles and decoration. But you know what: We use it every year, saved some 20 trees since we have it, and we just love its minimalist appearance.

The “making of” this picture you see here: my “creative” workspace. A mix of paper, paint stuff, fragrant raw materials, a balance, a coffee mug, a computer screen.

creative bench space

creative bench space

The fragrant raw materials are a few bottles of raw materials that went into my interpretation of Gardenia, for “gardenia- sotto la luna”, among other things a bottle with methyl benzoate (powerful stuff), jasmine absolute, rose absolue, orange blossom absolute,… I need these to later make dilutions in ethanol, for a little scent gathering focused on Gardenia over the weekend.

What the picture does not show you: The mess at the bottom where you find more paper, more tubes and vials with paint, and many, many more fragrant raw materials. Arranged in no particular order. I always say creation is a fluid process. You have to let go to some extend. Let the material and your imagination guide you. In my case, it might also just be an excuse for not having to clean up… Have a great day and don’t forget to visit the EAUMG blog somewhen around Dec. 13. Thanks!