Give aways and goodies

Day 13 of the advent calendar

Greetings to you all and a great start into your new week. This is day 13 of the advent calendar, where you have a chance every day to win a cologne that I made for this occasion and because I like to do it. And we are past the middle of our countdown. From now on it will go fast…

To enter the draw: Just leave a comment. Maybe, because I am very curious person, if you could tell us where you are commenting from? Like “greetings from Dallas”…

After yesterday’s jogging, the Sunday ritual over 15 miles, with lots of fresh air and energy, I fiddled a bit with bases I am working on. A base is a mixture of ingredients that you may use in the construction of a perfume. Industry provides perfumers with a lot of bases: You want a rose? Just order it from xyz.  As I mentioned in one of the open letters: I prefer to make all my bases myself. –Mandy Aftel and me share our thoughts and visions and approaches in an open letter series, hosted by Nathan Branch on his blog; lately we worked on a linden blossom extract and now we engaged into working with fire tree essential oil. Click here for the OPEN LETTER series on his blog.–

I find the creative process of coming up with simple bases challenging and rewarding.Thus, I fiddled with a new chord of rose, green and very airy. Initially, this particular rose chord was planned for a rose soap, but later I realized that it might come handy in other compositions, too. It consists of 12 ingredients. Usually, I start making bases, when I have a problem within a note or a chord in a composition: The base helps to isolate the trouble maker and actually it is fun, too.  It helps you to understand. Sometimes.

Today’s extra picture: A rose, scanned. Unfortunately without almost any scent.

rose scanned

A rose scanned and scaled down