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Day 17 of the advent calendar

this is day 17 of the advent calendar, hosted by myself again, after a guest hosting over there at PerfumePosse yesterday. I love their blog!

And, again, you can win your cologne du Maghreb, sent to you by myself, provided I picked you with from the comments below. You can find out more on the prize and the conditions here by visiting the advent calendar starting page. One word on the random factor at These numbers sometimes seem to be sooooo odd and not random that they have to be….

Anyhow: Just leave a little comment, please. If you feel like it: How about your plans for Friday night? -y Friday night sees me getting together with a dear friend and engage in red wine and long talks in loud bars.  I look so much forward to it.

I will not write a lot more, as my arm falls off these days. But one word on a topic that came to my mind this morning. I always write my blog posts the very morning of the day they go live. Thus, I was lying in bed and wondered whether the snow chaos that the TV weather fairy warned us from has fallen over Zurich. We are talking about 5-20 cm. Chaos? Well.

“I wonder what they will call 50 cm snow”, I mentioned yesterday to the W.-factor  who usually agrees there with me. “It will be the end of the world as we know it”

Somehow our media and society has lost proportions for what is a chaos and disaster and what is not. This is what I told Courtney on Wednesday during our interview on the phone on the regulations in the fragrance industry.

I feel I live in a society that have turned sort of wimpy. Sorry to be so blunt. And there is an over excitation on everything, everywhere. And perfumes are no exception.

Thus, I say it all quietly and ask for your zero excitations levels: Yesterday, my designer guru and me finished the design concept for the collectibles line that will come later in spring 2011. The first perfume in this line will be the linden blossom perfume that I developed during the open letter series with Mandy Aftel. “Collectibles” means low volume perfumery, limited in the sense that I will use difficult to source raw materials that may change from year to year.

The collectibles line allows me to create and present perfumes that I otherwise could not, simply because I cannot guarantee that I will always be able to make them. Thus, a separate line, collectibles, with a green flacon (50ml, pentagonally shaped) with a slightly different labeling concept, using silver labels, and some information stamped by hand.