Give aways and goodies

day 18 of the advent calendar with a prize for you and one for one acre fund

This draw is closed. Thank you!
Greetings to you on day 18 of my advent calendar. I invite you to follow my story here, on the overview page. And I totally kindly ask you for your apologies. I wanted to proof read the story, but I just can’t.

Today, you can win (your choice) a soap, mandarines ambrées, OR a discovery set with 5 samples of your choice, or a tauerville rollerball (your choice of ROSE, INCENSE, VANILLA or AMBER flash, 10 ml).

And there is a prize of 100 $ that just went to has an A rating on Charity Watch.  It is just a small difference that money can make but it can make a difference (my words) and once acre fund says “Smallholder farmers living in remote places need support in more than one area. We provide a complete set of services within walking distance of the farmers we serve. Our service bundle includes:

  1. Financing for farm inputs
  2. Distribution of seed and fertilizer
  3. Training on agricultural techniques
  4. Market facilitation to maximize profits from harvest sales

Farming is the dominant economic activity of the world’s poor. One Acre Fund makes that activity significantly more productive.”

Here, in the house of tauer, I learned a tough lesson yesterday (more of a reminder really). After the 10th telephone call within an hour I gave up trying to go to bed. All calls were important. Last minute stuff, deliveries orders etc. Bottomline: Being a 1.5 man show before the holidays means: You just can’t get sick.

But I am in slow mode. Like really slow mode.  Soooo slow that it feels like I am meditating which is sort of cool. The perfect ground to come up with ideas. Believe it or not: When up and running again I have more than one idea for a scent.

And in the mean time, until I am up and normal again: I say thank you to my perfume loving and buying friends and customers. I think I have the loveliest clients one can have.

Finally: One of the calls yesterday: I will rent more room there where I pack and label and make tauer perfumes shipment ready. Hurray! And yes: I need more room as there will be more , new stories coming in 2016.

Fineprint: Fineprint: we pick a winner using The discovery set, the soap and the rollerball ships from Zurich, Switzerland (USA: Rollerball ships from our warehouse in AZ). And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.