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Day 20 of the advent calender

This is a super short post on day 20 of the advent calender. The reason: we move from panic mode into full gears action mode. This means: Andy rides downtown in order to look for the gifts that I have in mind. At least I have the gifts in mind. And as its mostly gifts for children: Easy!

And, when heading downtown, I will bring some fragrant stock to the shop in Zurich, Medieval art &vie, the little bookshop in the historic center of Zurich, where you find my scents. You find my scents there exclusively, because it was Pascal, the shop owner, and me, who had the idea of starting this venture, and we went together through thick and thin. Right now, he is sort of desperately waiting for my appearance, as stock is low. Actually, stock is always  a bit low, as his shop is very small. Today’s picture shows you a picture of him, of me and of Beatrice Gaudenzi who creates spice mixtures and chutneys that are heavenly and that you find in Pascal’s shop, too. Her DAL mixture, to be used with lentils or potatoes and more is to die for.

Actually, Pascal and me always believed in what we did. Even in days when almost nobody believed in tauer perfumes, as nobody knew them, yet. Since then, a lot has changed, but not how Pascal and me work. I think we are a dream team. And one fine day, when I am grown up: I want a shop of my own. Maybe. That’s one of these dreams …

Et voilà: This post got even longer than I thought.

Today, in the draw, you can win a sample set, your choice of scents from my range. To enter: Just say hello and if you feel like it: Any dreams for the time when you are “grown up and got serious”?

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