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Day 22 of the advent calendar

This is day 22 of the advent calendar, typed by Andy again, and your chance to win another Cologne du Maghreb by leaving a simple comment:

What will you be cooking in your house on December 24?

I will make (with lots of help from W.- factor) gnocchi and salsa for my brother’s family with 4 kids. The desert will be simpler than last year, when I tried a recipe from a blog by a none blonde girl which was delightful, but so rich in calories that I had to go on diet all January.

Tomorrow, the advent calendar for day 23 will be hosted by a lovely blog (yes: on ), thus it is the second last post before X-mas from me. To be honest: I look forward to a typing break, but I have to praise my doctor: He injected some cortisones into the joint (yes, ouch!) and a few high tech medicaments (yes, very ouch!) that aim at dissolving the calcinated things. And I can feel it: It works. No natural infusions healing here: Praised by synthetic chemistry! I do not know how folks survived their shoulders 100 years ago.  And thus, we hope that I will be up and running for physio in January and thus, we hope I will be fine in the new year. And if not: there is even more high tech somewhere in Zurich I was told, a few specialized doctors, who are said to do miracles. Thus, no worries. I just have to take things slow for the next days…

Love to you all for your healing comments. And promised: As soon as this shoulder is not hurting anymore, it will get daily pampers and nice words. But until then, I threaten it with military drill and radioactive wonderwoman.