Tableau de Parfums

Day 6 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 6 of the advent calendar. Today, for the first time this season, my little jasmine bush is blooming.

It’s scent: Amazing, wonderful creamy and rich, but less intense compared to a jasmine flower in the wild. Mine lives a wild life only in summer and then, by mid October, the plant needs to go inside and waits with us for the spring sun, for many months.

So it starts blooming and I call this perfect timing: Right in time for our scented gathering where we will sniff some Jasmine absolute, and orange blossom and tuberose absolute. Ideal to compare the real thing with the extraction of the scent, made by humans, in a very smart and clever way, but still: A human piece of work. Like an abstraction. Thus, today’s prize for today’s draw: A sample of a fragrance where I use a lot of white flowers, Orange blossom and Tuberose absolute,…. LORETTA, from Tableau de Parfum, an ongoing collaboration with Memphis based indie movie maker Brian Pera, where I create scents that are inspired and directed by the moving pictures, the characters, their moods and the lights and colors of Brian’s art.

And as it is December 6, with the Santa Claus hopping around in this part of the world: I am picking three winners for a 1.5 ml spray sample each, wrapped in a little poster of Loretta. And as always: Good luck to you all.

Participating is easy today : Just leave a comment and, if you wish, tell me what you think about jasmine.  A happy St. Nicolas day to you all!

Comments closed. See day 7 of the advent calendar. Thank you!