Give aways and goodies

day 8 of my advent calendar, or a typical Swiss advent cow

Welcome to day 8 of my advent calendar: Today you can win a discovery set. Just comment here on today’s blog entry and you are in for the draw. I will pick a winner tomorrow by

Today’s picture: I could not resist after last week’s deer. So there we go: A typical Swiss advent cow, celebrating the second Advent Sunday yesterday (hence two candles).

My second advent Sunday was busy and perfect. Besides the usual stuff that needs to get done, such as paper work for shipments and mails that got unanswered during the week, there was time to work “conceptually”. My term for coming up with crazy ideas and thinking them through. Thinking them through: This actually means different things. Yesterday, coming up with crazy ideas was about crazy fragrances, and thinking them through basically means evaluating them next to each other, looking into their formula, trying to see what can be done better, and whether there’s a mistake in the formula. My five scents, of course.

Thus, a Sunday, full of smelling and looking into excel formulas on the computer screen, and trying to figure out what’s ok and what’s not. And, besides judging the esthetic quality of a fragrance trial: I always worry about  whether a particular fragrance is or is not “necessary”.

And now: Good luck to you!