Give aways and goodies

Day 9 of the advent calendar

welcome to day 9 of the advent calendar. Today, you can win again a sample set by just leaving a comment here on this post and hoping that random is your friend. This week will see three explorer set coming in the draws (not this one), thus stay tuned!

Today’s picture to the left shows you what we do every year: our X-mas card. It is a simple design, a sketch of a frangipani flower done on the ipad earlier this year, with the text that we always use, printed on glossy, thick paper. It goes out to friends and business partners alike. Although: We my expanding  business, I should add more languages. Like Spain, where we just started a distribution, or Arabic, where I will be in a Saudi niche artisanal niche perfumes temple next year, or Russia, or…

But besides this: it is as it always is, you do things for two, three times, and bang! you have a tradition and even if you wanted, you cannot really change anymore. I do not know what it is, but we human beings really seem to love, love, love traditions. I guess these days they helps us to cope with a world that is turning quite fast.

Frangipani flower sketched on the ipad.