Give aways and goodies



I hope to see many visitors and I hope that will pick you! Yes, YOU! Because YOU deserve it. I will pick the winner (YOU) during December 3.

Today’s prize is again the Cologne du Maghreb (all natural, all botanica), made especially for this occasion, and the only thing you have to do in order to enter the draw: Leave a comment below. I do this advent calendar to share my joy of looking back to a thrilling year and looking forward to the holidays and 2011. And not much else. Thus, anything goes, any comment is welcome. And, well, maybe, if you could: What’s your favorite animal?

Mine: I have many. I am switching my favorites  from sheep to poodle (you see the common trait?) to rabbit and back to canis lupus familiaris.

And if you have time and can read French: Here is an interesting article in the (click here) on perfumes and how we are loosing some fragrant treasures with lots of voices from perfumers.