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double filtration

Contrary to what I told you yesterday: Here comes another short post dealing with the ZETA linden blossom. I will fill more flacons today to fill up the stock that is shrinking on a daily basis. Yesterday, when packing more of the Zetas, watching the sunlight play with the flacon, brining nice green patterns onto the labels  on the bench, then I realized that I did not talk about these labels, yet.

We came up with a different labeling concept for the COLLECTIBLES. You may remember that we use stamps to put on the Haiku and the obligatory EU allergen information. We stamp this onto the backside of each metal box, too. For that we use large, pentagonal stickers that provide the information that is not supposed to change, like where it comes from, that it is handmade and who imports it in Italy.

The rest, the perfume specific information, is put on by hand stamping each box. This approach allows to change from vintage to vintage information such as the allergens for our beloved EU administrators.

Right now however, I am not stamping but I am doing the filtration. Number 2. Double filtration of ZETA is necessary as some of the naturals (especially the Vanilla CO2 extract) are rich in waxes and diluted in ethanol these precipitate. Needless to say that this filtration takes forever …

Today’s picture shows you the ZETA flacon, and the stamped information on a label.