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Dramatic rose picture and wondering about AC

Today’s picture shows you a rose: It bloomed two days ago downstairs, a few meters from where I write this post today, in a corner of a green spot that is a bit neglected. It smells (think spicy old rose with tons of citronellol) and comes with a dramatic aura. Sort of. With summer having started meteorologically yesterday, a cut lily blooming in the house and perfuming the hall, roses blooming outside, tomato plants growing, it feels like summer, indeed. Soon, we will see the summer agony in perfume industry falling upon us. Summer is pretty much dead when it comes to perfumery, the industry. Everybody is getting ready and hoping then for autumn. 

Perfumes and summer’s light and heat are not an easy date. Although, …..I was thinking about my Cologne du Maghreb that will see a bit wider distribution, especially in the US  in the coming days. Click the link for a sample draw on the chemist in the bottle blog (thank you Lucas!). So I was thinking about how the summer heat actually brings out the cologne’s refreshing qualities even better. But, on the other hand, the summer temperatures make the cologne fade even faster…. -a side note: Here’s how to keep the scent of any cologne a bit better: Spray generously on your chest, before putting on a cotton shirt immediately afterwards. The scent will permeate through the cotton and will stick with it, leaving you with a great clean cologne scent almost all day long.

Does not work with synthetics….

Anyhow: I was thinking about summer and cologne and then I started musing about AC, air conditioning, and I suddenly wondered. When living in Southern California, for instance, how many hours/minutes do you actually spend outside, in the heat, during a day. I remember my Texas time. The time spent outside, without AD, during the day, was a few minutes, really. From the car to the campus. 1 min. And back. And from the car to the mall entry. And back. That’s about it.

But it was enough to sweat like a horse.