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early birds

This morning I got up pretty early. Early enough to see the full moon and listening to the birds waking up, too. Today’s picture is kind of proof. I need to head the factory early as later in the afternoon there’s thunderstorms predicted; hard to believe when I watch the sky right now. But the radar tells me that the front is heading our way. The birds might know it, too; without radar but listening to their instincts.

Talking about instincts: The regular readers might remember an earlier post where I was talking about Calone, me not really loving calone, and still me wanting to come up with a calone centric fragrance. Right now, I have two paper strips in front of me; two versions, one is lighter and more cologne citrus happy. And the other is a bit woodier, soapier. Tonight, lightened by flashes from the thunderstorm, I will sit in my “studio” and dilute the two of them, to bring them into a “wearable format”.

Now, to be honest, I do not trust my instinct there, totally. But here’s what my instinct is telling me: Both of them might work. The lighter citrus thing might even do very well. I have to see what happens on skin. Later today.

Now, to be honest, Calone sounds horribly unromantic. In my big fat excel the calone centric trials run under the label “aqua fidelis”. It makes you wonder how much inspiration went into the trial bottles just because of this happy running name for this calone excel sheet. Anyhow: Here’s a promise… although today’s post features the moon: Aqua fidelis will never make it into the sotto la luna series. But it might be a cool flash scent. Why? Because it’s fun.