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By tomorrow, all is going to to be ready:  Shelves filled for my back-up guy to send out orders from the online shop, unanswered e-mails down to zero, or close to, and retailer orders shipped. Before tomorrow, however, there is one last thing that I need to get done: Fill more air du désert marocain into bottles, label them and pack some of them for a last minute, urgent order that needs to get out to a shop by tomorrow. I am down close to zero bottles of air du désert in stock. Thus, today’s picture: This is a look from a top perspective into the filter where air du désert is filtered through. Rather unspectacular, but necessary.

Contrary to other scents of mine, l’air du désert marocain is not really troublesome when it comes to fine precipitates. I have some scents that are a nightmare there: Zeta is probably the worst. You can filter it endlessly. I rationalize the reasons being the CO2 extracts that tend to come with a lot of waxes that are hardly soluble and that might over time even change into less soluble esters. I am not sure there. The precipitate does not clog the pump as it is too fine, but it is an aesthetic issue…

Bottomline: Air du désert marocain is easy-care or easy-fill. So… I will start filling bottles in an hour and box a few for shipment tomorrow. And when I am done with that, I want to mix one little, one very little last thing. Just following a line of thought of an easy-care or easy-wear rose. Mixing it now gives it time to mature until I come back to have a look at it.  The other day, I thought about it. I would love to play with it a bit. Easy wear does not mean simple, but for me it would mean a rose that is a less opera and dramatic than Incense rosé, a bit less fruity sweet than rose vermeille, less dark than rose chyprée, less aldehydic than Miriam (which is technically also a rose centered fragrance), and maybe a rose that is a bit less lasting than my other scents would be nice. Running title: Easy-wear-rose, ewr. Wow, what an unsexy working title. OK, I guess you got it: The chances that a rose that is `so much LESS is also BORING are pretty high…

Thus, I wonder what other easy-wear fragrances I know that I like. Hmmmm, …. maybe Helmut Lang’s CUIRON: Easy leather. I guess it depends on the standard of easiness applied.

Anyhow:  first things first. Air du désert marocain! Wishing you a nice and easy-wear day!