cleaning up the desk
creating scents

end year cleaning

This year, I gave myself a Christmas present: A new office bench. One that allows me to stand when working on the bench. It turned out to be a necessity because my shoulders do not handle sitting and writing on a keyboard anymore. Thus, I gifted myself with a new desk and before setting it up in my office, which is a room in my appartment, I had to clean the old desk from a paper and glass vial mess.
The vials, you see them in the picture, totally non glamorous, are some of the trials done this year. Let’s say: The best ones. The bad ones usually go to perfume heaven quickly. Every year, towards the end, I kind of filter them out, keeping only those that really work and that are worth following further. It is a nice way of looking back to what I have been working on during the year. Mostly, these days, I do not talk about what scents I am working on as I learned that it raises anticipation that I mostly cannot fulfill.

Especially, as some scents that I am working on are not really with a clear goal to come up with a product. Often, it is l’art pour l’art. Just fun pieces that do not really fit into any marketing or business plan. Not that I have a written down business plan anyhow.

I also keep a box with “items”, that are inspirational. Bottles, objects, that are somehow linked to perfume, like a simple bottle that is unique (no bottle really) and would be a perfect container for a room fragrance that should not be expensive. (yeah… roses :-)….. )

These objects just sit there and wait for their moment.

I will try the desk now and try to get used to standing while writing and doing Excel stuff. Exciting!