what's up?


Today, uiuiui…. super busy. Like yesterday, but: There was time to procrastinate… over the weekend I was dancing with wolves and sketched a couple of wolves. Yesterday, I moved on, towards an imaginative canis lupus familiaris (dog). You know: When sketching a wolf, you realize how close wolves and dogs are related. The same happened when I sketched an orangutan a while ago. We and them are really closely related.

Anyhow, there was time to play and paint, and I was trying a couple of ideas, especially: Trying to bring about a certain expression in the animals’ face. Like “so what!”

“so what”, because there was time to think while filling bottles (the same will be the case today). Like: I read an article the other day, just a short note, highlighting an inconvenient truth. In Europe, the Euro zone, there are a couple of countries that, for years now, have to get new debt but not to pay off old debt. No. These states need to make more debt just to pay the interest on the old debt. Among them: Italy. France. Basically, I think, this means that: It is getting very tight. Either you, as states, are really gettings things going very fast again, have a super booming economy and all. Or you are doomed. And also doomed: Mutti in Germany who lends the money.

So, you see, serious thinking in the factory. But, light hearted as I am, and knowing that since 1800 the world has seen about 227 state insolvencies, who cares?

That’s why today’s dog looks a bit “ah well” like. You know: Filling bottles is ZEN.