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Evelyn Avenue

There are days where things change definitely. Today is such a day. Evelyn Avenue is live now, and with it you get a first glimpse of the perfume brand Tableau de Parfums(TM). You learn about Woman’s Pictures and Brian Pera, the man behind it all. You can follow on Evelyn Avenue what the story is behind the fragrance Miriam, and why.

For months and months he worked on this. Brian is the guy behind Evelyn Avenue. I am only the perfumer, coming up with fragrant pictures, such as Miriam.

When I got first contacted by Brian, I was skeptical. I just recovered from a close encounter with an investment banker with lots of money saved in the financial crisis, trying to build a brand. Thus, I said to myself: Not another collaboration in this universe where so many perfume project are born just to produce something that smells like  [add any favorite body fluid here]. Then I got the script for the film Woman’s picture. Then I saw a first cut of the movie. I saw Miriam. Her portrait is one of the three women’s stories  in Woman’s Pictures. I saw here sitting in a chair, watching her mother, holding these fragile hands. I saw her in her pinkish TV studio, I saw these bitter sweet moments of truth and felt the weight of her memories, and I knew that I wanted to start this  project with Brian.

You can see a summary of what Woman’s picture, the movie, is all about on the main page of Evelyn Avenue.

We faced a lot of hurdles. Many are yet to come. But I am proud on what Brian has reached. And I am happy that I got there where I am now with Tableau de Parfums: A perfume line and fragrances that are dear to me.

What is Evelyn Avenue? Find it out by clicking here.

I will from time talk about Tableau de Parfums here. But mostly, I and Brian will talk over there, on Evelyn Avenue. Please stop by.

Thank you.

Before I finish: Here’s a thank you to Brian for his creative sparkles. Here’s a thank you to the W.-factor who does my books and who has to do more bookkeeping in the future.

And here is a thank you to the guys from Luckyscent. Their support makes a lot of the exciting things happening in the coming months . Without their undemanding support, you would miss a lot, happening soon on Evelyn Avenue.

Thank you guys!

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