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even more soaps

So many things happening these days! I have another video for you: Packing the soaps into paper (after having wrapped them in cellophane foil)

Today we finish the first round of 400 soaps. 400 more to go. While packing them I will use the meditative groove to think perfumes.  I will have to have a look at the linden blossom trial. I feel I need to adjust a little bit there. And I want to have a look at the cologne: The one that is matured and diluted, that I called “COLOGNE DU MAGHREB”, a cologne with a woody base, looking good to me so far: I features lines of cedar wood from Morocco, hints of ambrein and cistus and a fine line of vetiver. I looked at the formula yesterday: 19 ingredients. Quite complex already. Among them also rose absolute from Morocco, Petitgrain from Morocco, Neroli from Tunesia, Orange blossom absolute from Egypt … I mentioned it before: This cologne trial is all natural/botanical. And it feels ok that way, no need to add any synthetics there. With this formula in mind, I want to play on the cologne with a sandalwood /rose lines in the background. To be honest: I do not know where I am heading there, but I love doing it, so I do it.

And here is the video. Enjoy…

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