what's up?

factory air

Fragrant greetings from the factory, where we pack air du désert and fill Pentachord AUBURN bottles. Today’s picture shows you a how the packing table looks from the top, and the helping hands of the W.-factor. And there is another reason why I am in the factory: I need to clean up a bit and get ready for a visit from a journalist together with a photographer who happens to be my neighbor. They are working on stories of self made men and women who live their dream and follow their visions.

I guess that’s what I did and still do, and I am looking very much forward to sharing how exactly this works in the Tauer factory and how we got there. Today, looking over my micro empire, looking over the shelves boxes and bottles, I sort of felt happy. We may be a small company, where the head of marketing and sales and production and communication and more is one person, but nevertheless: We are there. And proud to be different. Not everything is perfect and this year sees me correcting and adjusting a few things together with my designers. This was the goal of my meeting with the designers: Decide what needs to be done next and how. Think: Packaging. But not the bottles! These remain untouched.

Size, by the way, was one of the topics you heard a lot at Esxence: How easy it got to come up with a brand new brand.  Technology has changed the name of the game and it has become very easy to actually start your brand and penetrate the market. It is production and communication technologies that are disruptive. And the long tail becomes a problem for the bigger ones.

This will be a topic with the journalist, for sure. And then, once they are gone, I have to get into high gears. I realized that I have only a few days left to get some orders out and to stuck up before I leave for a week. This means: A lot of bottle filling and preparing shipment boxes and filling out customs forms and get all ready for shipment with either trucks or regular postal mail.

But I think I will get done with what needs to be done until I fly seemingly into the sun again. I cannot wait for one of the best pancakes. Ricota blueberry pancakes at Beverly Blvd.   But before this pleasure makes me smile: Work!