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factory and light

The other day, Gilbert tweeted on Twitter about the work of filling bottles. I am not a good twitterer really, usually, I am just overwhelmed by the flow of messages there. But, yesterday, when working there in the factory, filling Carillon pour un ange into bottles, in brightest sunlight, it came to my mind that besides the work there is pulchritude involved.

Sort of. In a certain sense.

And be it just a moment of beauty when the sun sends off sparkles of light. Or when leaving the place in the evening, with all the steaming bottles, metallic chilliness of the pumps and the mechanic monotony of a crimping assembly, feeling that at least something was accomplished that goes beyond moving bits and bytes.

So there we go again, in an instance, filling more bottles. Here are a few impressions from the factory.

flacons, filled, and crimped in sunlight


a detail picture of the 10 liter dispensing flask

putting lot labels onto the bottom of the flacons