general thoughts

fast-forward self and system

today, something new: a sketch that I have not done, yet.  No flower, no flacon, but a quick manga boy sketch that I did this Monday morning on the computer – or on the screen rather- while the other computer was doing its backup thing and needed a reboot. Getting all the back-ups done and getting them stored securely is always high on my attention agenda. Every day, I run two cloud back-up, of the core business data, on servers of a European company, specialized in business data backup. And every day, I mirror most of my data on an external drive. Pictures created on the computer end up on creative cloud, and then there is dropbox, too. I guess I am a bit paranoiac when it comes to data.

I am mean: I am very well aware of the fact that in a shorter time than we would think, (almost) all the data that we have produced are dust. A few years and the carriers of the data cannot be accessed anymore: Do you still own a floppy disk driver? Add a few decades and the data are mostly gone anyhow as the digital storage technology is not made to last centuries. Add a few centuries and you will face a language barrier already. Add a few millenia and the concepts to understand most of the stuff we are talking about are gone. And in a few billion years this planet is gone, too. Thus, why worry?

I worry because I am stuck in the hic et nunc of my daily operations. Like we all are. Which is perfectly fine.

From time to time -or better even: regularly- it is important to get out of this trap: Stop worrying about the long tail of all the stuff that is done, stop worrying about  backing up the data of the past, and fast-forward self and system, in search of new coordinates. Screening new opportunities and thinking the unthinkable is actually fun, too. If you do, of course, most people will not be able to follow.